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History of the choir (1954 - 1960)

• first testing of applicants for membership in choir Czech Song (originally it should have even been professional choir which would either independently or with accompaniment of Pilsen folk ensemble show folk songs in Czechoslovak radio Pilsen)
• choirmaster – Zdeněk Lukáš
• end of November – Czech Song sounded for the first time in broadcasting

• Czech Song started, in addition to amendment of folk songs, to study original choral compositions April – 1st public performance

• 1st all evening concert “... under the direction of extremely agile and talented choirmaster Z. Lukáš the choir has recently risen to become amateurish entity first class level and there is no doubt that nowadays it is the best choir in Pilsen.” (The True, 12/11/1957)

• participation in competitions “The performance of the choir was excellent. Pure intonation, perfect text understandability (even foreing language), rhythmical accuracy and voice culture of choir reflects their super-leadership.” (Jindřich Duras, The True 28/01/1958)
• central round of the Competition of creativity of the young (Brno) (Czech Song – 3rd place in category of notably mature choirs)

• 5/3 – concert from compositions of the Western Bohemian composer Jindřich Jindřich
• Czech Song performs at musical festival Prague Spring (Pražské jaro)
• concert to homage of J. B. Foerster (together with other choirs)
• independent concert – composition of Petr Eben “Drowned”
(the author himself expresses admiration for his work – CRONICLE!!!)

• Czech Song abroad for the first time – invitation of Czechoslovakia-Austrian company (3 concerts in Vienna)