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History of the choir (1961 - 1970)

• conductor of Czech song Jaroslav Krček (Z. Lukáš resigned from the office of an art director for health reasons)

• January – 1st public performance in Pilsen with Jaroslav Krček – repertoire focused on new composer's conceptions
• Festival of vocal production (Jihlava) (Czech Song together with Czechoslovak state chorus of songs and dances registered because of dramaturgic and interpretative aspects among the best participants)

• July – trip to Hungary
• July – international competitive choir festival in Wales (city of Llangollen) (Czech Song – 5th place in category of chamber choirs, 8th place in category of big choirs) (altogether 23 choirs)

• trip to NSR – several successful concerts

• conductor – Zdeněk Lukáš again
• learning of difficult composition of Z. Lukáš “Parabolae Salomonis”
• learning of Mass D major to the occasion of 80th anniversary of its origin and the first run in castle chapel in Lužany
• trip to NDR

• spring – international trial of choirs in Dutch Haag (56 choirs) (Czech Song the title of absolute winner)
• (Czech Song is a guest of the male choir Fortissimo in autumn 69)
• concert to 15th anniversary of Czech Song with the instrumentalist Antonín Brejcha (piano) and Jan Sedláček (violin)
“... comeback of Lukáš as a choirmaster in Czech Song was winning and certain foreshadowing of a new hopeful epoch in the young history of this front Western Bohemian choir item.” (The True, 3/3/1968)
• autumn – Festival of vocal production (Jihlava)
(Czech Song – price of audience for the performance of the composition of Jan Slimáček from Pilsen)
• December –the 1st long-play disk recording

• trip to NSR
• September – first run of Jan Málek's composition “Unfaithful”
“... Czech Song delivered performance which fascinated with its vocal technique and colour, also absolute concentration on choirmaster's gesture and making expressions. ... Nowadays Czech Song represents European grade in its profession.” (The True, 19/9/1970)