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History of the choir (1991 - 2000)

• concert at foyer of Tyl's Theatre – together with Musica Vagantium (Czech Song under conducting of Ivan Pařík)
“... singers of Czech Song managed it with remarkable concentration. ... The conductor I. Pařík makes sound in an impressive dynamic range. ... The polyphony sounds vividly; useful was also a simple homophony. “ (Pilsen newspaper, 1/1/1991)
• 1991 spring – many concerts in Pilsen and Western Bohemian cities
• July – international competitive festival of choral singing – Austria (Spittal an der Drau) (Czech Song – 3rd place in category of choirs; 2nd place in category of folk song performance)
“... It proved more: with its performance at artistic field and also outside it, they attracted the audience and many specialists.” (The New True, 24/7/1991)
• leaving of Pavel Chaloupka on business to Prague, Ivan Pařík to Ostrava – as a conductor Lubomír Henrich (up to now a member of the choir)

• spring – Czech Song recorded their 1st CD
• during Days of Smetana – collective concert with the New Czech Song
(“... well prepared group made component parts of the mass (Missa brevis of Z. Lukáš) intonationally very pure and with a great understanding for a construction of work. In a voice well-balanced unit gradated mainly parts of Gloria and Agnus Dei.”) (The New True, 26/3/1992)
• June – Austria – Danube voyage – concerts
• June – Italian choir Coro Citta di Forli as a guest of Czech Song
• July – 1st CD baptism

• many concerts to the life jubilee of Z. Lukáš; “Time Passing” – dedicated to Czech Song
(“The composition ... in a performance of Czech Song in cooperation with J. Pastemaková created a convincing end of the first half of the evening. She captured not only with her rich musical fantasy, which is typical for composers, but also with perfect maybe virtuous performance.”) (Pilsen journal, 21/4/1993)
• August – international festival in Swiss Neuchatelu (500 singers from 8 countries)
(Czech Song – 2nd place)
• August – Czech Song in Italy as a guest for Coro Citta di Forli
(The representatives of the city and Italian choir” ... expressed admiration of quality, intonational sureness and interpretation of performed compositions and the job of the conductor Lubomír Henrich were top-rated. There was a big interview with him for TV broadcasting after the concert.” (Pilsen Journal, 3/9/1993)
• November – 36th year of competitive festival of choral art in Jihlava
(Czech Song – 3rd position)

• January – Czech Song in Holand
• 30/1 – world first run of the composition of Karel Husa “American Te Deum” (Czech composer living in the USA); Czech Song performed with VUS Prague and with Dutch royal philharmonic under conducting of its author (Utrecht)
(“... the performance had a high class although there were so little time, as it use to be, but your enthusiastic singing performed this composition perfectly and convincingly. I am obliged to you very much.”)
(from the letter of Karel Husa to Czech Song)
• 1994 April – Czech Song in Holland again – re-run of “American Te Dea” (city of Venlo)
• November – festive concert to 40th anniversary of Czech Song foundation (Pilsen)
• (innovation – Z. Lukáš “Pater Noster” – dedicated to Czech Song)
• 2nd CD baptims
• December – concert in Germany (Bad Bergzabern)
• Christmas concerts – cooperation with Pilsen orchestral corporation (František Drs)

• concert to 700th anniversary of Pilsen foundation
(At the successful concert ... performed demandingly chosen and capella program at a perfect level. ... Choir sounds compactly; the choirmaster leads them with a quiet and exact gesture. ... Final spirituals sounded relaxedly with its typical “czechsonglike” enthusiasm.”) (Pilsen Journal, 28/4/1995)
• participation in Festival Behemia Cantat (Havlíčkův Brod)
• (Czech Song brought from the festival the composition of Petr Eben “Miss adventus et Quadragesimae” – the work was shown during the concert of Czech Song in Pilsen
• concerts in Pilsen (“... The news was the version of the authors performed by the choir which has been very rarely shown
- B. Martinů (two parts from four, from Four Songs about Maria) and P. Eben. His Missa adventus et
quadragesimae is from the imagination of unanimous Gregorian chorale; performed by the mixed choir
it sounds in octave unison, accompanied by concertantely accompanied by concert-approached organ
part (in excellent interpretation by V. Novák). This work was rightfully placed at the end of the evening.”)
(Pilsen Journal, 8/12/1995)
• Christmas concerts with Pilsen orchestral association (František Drs)

• - 2nd choirmaster – Roman Michálek (at that time the student of choirmastership at Pedagogical Faculty
UK in Prague)
• May – trip of Czech song to the island of Jersey (choirmaster – L. Henrich)
• June – L. Henrich leaves his office of the Czech Songs' choirmaster

• many concerts in Western Bohemian cities
• Christmas concerts – cooperation with students of Pilsen conservatory

• Roman Michálek leaves his office of the Czech Songs' choirmaster
• June – Adam Viktora the new choirmaster (graduated at Pilsen conservatory and AMU – playing the organ)
• concert to 70th birthday of Z. Lukáš
• Christmas concerts – cooperation with instrumentalists from Pilsen conservatory

• concert to 70th birthday of Petr Eben (Czech Song performed the composition “De Tempore”)
• benefit concert of Czech Song with the flute player Jiří Stivín in Big Synagogue (Pilsen)
• meeting of Western Bohemian choirs (Karlovy Vary)
• July – competition of choirs with international participation (Hradec Králové) (Czech Song – gold diploma)
• September – trip to Bretagne (after invitation of the male choir Mouezh Paotred Breizh)
• concert to 60th birthday of Pilsen bishop František Radkovský
• November – “Requiem” W. A. Mozart (Czech Song with visiting soloists and Prague orchestra Capella Camerata)
Czech Christmas Mass – St. Bartholomew (Pilsen); Czech Song together with students of Pilsen conservatory and Prague AMU

• spring – choir from Bretagne as a guest of Czech Song
• May – concert with the harpist Kateřina Englichová; composition of Benjamin Brittn “Carols Celebration”
(“... the most severe composition (choirmaster A. Viktora was presented here as an organist and K. Englichová performed a harp solo) was the Carols Celebration. ... The conductor and choir Czech Song elaborated this not easy composition with an exemplary care and dynamism especially towards the pianists. Pure, straight voice, especially ladies', included soloists ... together with a crystal harp accompaniment in connection with and choral acoustic brought a real experience.”)
(Pilsen Journal, 26/5/2000)
• June – Czech Song in Austria – musical festival (castle Piberstein) (cooperation with the harpist Bronislava Kablenová)
• October – Regensburg; Czech Song with the local church of St. Joseph choir and local soloists and Karlovarský symphony orchestra performed the composition of Charles Gounod “Cecilská Mass”
• November – “Requiem” W. A. Mozart (Czech Song together with Pilsen soloists and Pilsen conservatory orchestra)
• December – “Mass C major” J. D. Zelenka (Czech Song together with the organist Jan Braun and Pilsen soloists)