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History of the choir (1971 - 1980)

• cooperation with Pilsen broadcasting orchestra (several times) (in broadcast studio it recorded choirs from operetta of Johann Strauss “Queen´s lace headscarf”) + other concerts
• autumn – Meeting of choirs from West Bohemian region (Domažlice) (Czech Song introduced the first run of composition of Z. Lukáš “I came up sooner than a matutine”)
• November – Czech Song started its programme cycle “Concerts under reliefs” (every second Sunday in month on the steps of Western Bohemian Museum in Pilsen) (the last one in March 1972)
”... While lack of concert places in the city there is no doubt that discovery of a new place is a big asset: in style pure art noveau place doesn´t have a large area but it suits acoustically. ... The cycles was called Concerts under reliefs. ... The character of early evenings in Pilsen was determined by the character of Czech Song, which is an amateurish choir but considerably advanced, excellent in enthusiasm and work discipline. The cycle in museum also showed a remarkable extent of its repertoire (each concert was stylishly oriented) and evenings contained production from Gothic till nowadays.” (The True, 3/5/1972)

• concert to inauguration of a show room in Butcheries (Masné krámy) in Pilsen
• August – trip to Spain – 8th year of the international festival of choral singing Czech Song – except participation in competition also several concerts during the journey and right in Spain
“... the performance of Czech Song was exact, intonationally pure, it was brought by pulling inside and musically sensitive to the atmosphere of its each composition. With many encores Czech Song had to
1972 thank for excited applause of spectators, where many experts were who chose Czech Song from all.” (The True 3/9/1972)
+ festival presidium evaluated conductor's performance of Z. Lukáš as the best of all the involved conductors

• December – leaving of Zdeněk Lukáš (after rebukes of political officers)
• Czech Song isn't trying but it's often invited to record in radio with different conductors and adapters (Zdeněk Bláha, Tomáš Sak, Jan Málek, Jaroslav Krček, Josef Krček, ...)

• January – Czech Song restored activity – conductor Zdeněk Vimr
• March – recording of several folk songs amendment in Pilsen radio
• summer – first public performance
“This year in spring the last few applicants for choir singing were in charge of the new conductor Z. Vimr who wants to try to restore this once an excellent chamber ensemble. The first public concert showed that there are really good presumptions ... first of all in all members' excellent choral sensation, so the choir has no or just hardly noticeable problems with the intonation.” (The True, 5/10/1979)
• November – Zdeněk Lukáš dedicated to 25th anniversary of Czech Song origin the composition “Joker”

• spring – Czech Song together with the ensemble Musica Bohemica, several singers professionals from Prague and several members of Pilsen broadcasting orchestra are recording a gramophone record (conducted by Jaroslav Krček)
• June – Czech Song in Sušice at celebrations of 120th anniversary of choir Svatobor origin
• 1980 November – Festival of Western Bohemian choirs (Klatovy) – concert of Czech Song with Musica Bohemica
(first run of composition of Zdeněk Lukáš “In the Mountains)
(Czech Song – gold zone)