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History of the choir (1981 - 1990)

• matinee in Butcheries in Pilsen
“The programme was made up by well-balanced proportions of old and present music. Emotionally the strongest compositions of contemporary composers took effect, namely Oliva and Vínek from ???? of Jan Málek, where an excellent soloist J. Sonnek helped to the great success. His performance was at a professional level and also compositions of Z. Lukáš. In an effort to variegate the programme the conductor of Czech Song realized several compositions with the female part." (The True, 25/2/1981)

• concerts in Western Bohemian Museum, recording in radio
• trip to Jesenice in Rakovnicko, cooperation with Karel Friesler (piano) and Jiří Žilák (violin)

• January – concert of Czech Song with Chorea Bohemica and Musica bohemica in vocally dancing area “To the Root of Beauty” in Smetanovo Theatre in Prague
• cooperation with the pianist Dr. Jana Jindrová
• occasional cooperation with Z. Luká
• central round of Friendship Songs competition (Czech Song – gold zone)
• autumn – competition of mixed choirs in Klatovy (Czech Song – 1st place + price for dramaturgy + price for the best technical encompassment + price for the best performance of compulsory composition)

• concert in Benátky nad Jizerou – Czech Song with fipple flute quartet chose from Loutna Česká A. V.
Michna from Otradovice
• first run of composition of Z. Lukáš “Honour to Creators)
• summer – trip to France (Chaussin) – the host mixed choir “Allouette” choir “Allouette” as hosting to Czech Song
• an independent performance of women's part of Czech Song, eg. at Festival of girls' and ladies' choirs of
Western Bohemian region (Klatovy) “... Women´s choir of Czech Song with the conductor Z. Vimr, which was put on a gold zone, was prized. Except that it obtained a testimonial of the jury for a performance of composition of Z. Lukáš – Hadroplet and another testimonial for performance of compulsory composition.” (The True, 8/12/1983)

• Czech Song in broadcasting, participation in days of Smetana, concerts in Butcheries
• collective concert with Svatobor Sušice
• concert of Czech song and others in honour of Antonín Špelda and his 80th birthday (a musical historian, critic and organizer of musical life in Pilsen)
• Festival of choral art (Jihlava)
- Czech Song – 2nd place (innovation – Otmar Mácha “Since Long Ago”)

• Czech Song provided the first run of cantata “Bunch of Flowers”
• cooperation with quartet of Sedláček, tenor singer Břetislav Vojkův, pianist Jindřich Duras
• participation in Days of Smetana
• participation in a show of Pilsen choirs and choirs from Western Bohemian region
• women's part – regional competition of girl's and ladies' choirs (Tachov)
• October – Show of unprofessional choirs in Union of Czech singers and choirs
(7 mixed choirs – Czech Song the winner)
“The winner was the chamber choir Czech Song... conducted by Z. Vimr. It´s an entity whose performances are perfect in expressional spontaneity and technique. Vocal show is cultivated and the choir has perfect pronunciation and elaborated wide dynamic spectrum. Except the first prize Czech Song obtained an extra jury award for its overall artistic tone during the performance, ...” (The True, 25/10/1985)
• National competitive Festival of amateurish choral art (Jihlava)
(ladies' part – 2nd place)
• December – learning of Czech Christmas Mass by J. J. Ryba
• concert with children's choir Kvítek (Louny)

• Czech Song at inauguration of Pilsen house of culture
• participation in show of Pilsen choirs, at competition of Western Bohemian choirs “Meeting of Singers 86” (Czech Song – the absolute winner – price for globally successful dramaturgy + prize for the best performance of compulsory composition)
• concerts of Regional subsidiary association of singers – Czech Song shows innovation of Jaromír Bažant and Jan Málek
• cooperation with the choir Smetana (Hradec Králové)
• 3x in radio, 1x performance in the Czechoslovak television

• Czech Song at a Show of Pilsen choirs
• Czech Song in a regional round of Song friendship (1st place), central round (2nd place)
• trip to Poland (Szcezecin)
“... When we sang one life polish song every year at the end of each concert, we managed to raise the audience up from the seats.” (The True, 9/5/1987)
• August – twin choir Camarata Nova (Szcezecin) as a guest of Czech Son
• many concerts (Butcheries, house of culture, ...)

• show of groups of folk creativity, show of Pilsen choirs
• meeting with Svatobor (Sušice)
• March – Prague days of choral singing
• cooperation with the choir Tosta Aš
• participation in XI. year of musical festival “Musical Summer in Stříbro”
• celebration of 60th birthday of Z. Lukáš

• show of Western Bohemian singers
• March – Friendship songs – regional round (Czech Song – 1st place in category for chamber choirs), central round (Czech Song – absolute winner in its category) + Dr. Jana Jindrová price for her sensitive piano accompaniment
• Tostu Aš and Camaratu novu (Szcezecin) in Pilsen as a guest of Czech Song
• September – participation in 1st year of international choir festival Bohemia Cantat (Havlíčkův Brod)
• November – Czech Song (from solidarity with students) refused to perform at the concert for Dvořák company
• acute divergences of opinion – Czech Song divided into 2 items

• as a choirmaster – conductor of opera in Tyl's Theatre in Pilsen – Ivan Pařík
• 5/5 – Czech Song at initiation of ecumenical prayers in St. Bartholomew cathedral (broadcasting)
• recording of 15-min program of vocal music in Czechoslovak radio
May – Butcheries “ to a new choirmaster .. managed to cement the sound into voiced unit.. fortes are
1990 colourful, pianos voiced.” (The True, 6/6/1990)
(accompaniment – Věra Mullerová)
• many concerts + success with Czech Christmas Mass by J. J. Ryba
• with regard to occupational strain of Ivan Pařík by the helpful choirmaster Pavel Chaloupka (a piano virtuoso and so répétiteur of Pilsen theatre)